About Us

About Us
Yup, this is us

Travel, Food and Philanthropy

What can I say about us? We are passionate about travel, food and philanthropy. This site is all about sharing our Journeys through Travel Bytes..

During my consulting career, I traveled nearly every week.  The work was interesting, but the travel not so much. Long days meant little time to explore.  The inside of an office is much the same regardless of the city.  On the rare opportunity to travel abroad, Jean would join me, and we would carve out time to explore together.  A few days in London, Dublin and Amsterdam, a week in India, and a couple of months in Australia.  To us, it was all exotic.  It whet our appetite to see and savor more of the world.

In 2019, we decided to make it happen!  I retired in February 2020, and we laid plans. Our first Journey was a USA Road Trip. 

Friends commented that our social media posts were a welcome diversion during the pandemic. So, “Mark and Jean Travel to…” was born.   

We hope you will follow along!

About Mark

Mark retired from a challenging and rewarding 28-year career in consulting.   During his career, he worked with officers of fortune 500 companies to help them transform their organizations via technology.  Today, Mark is on the board of Apparo, a non-profit that helps other non-profits use technology to make a bigger impact.  Mark’s hobbies include great food (Jean is a cookbook author after all), running (to burn off said food), cars, craft beer, wine, attempting to sing in the church choir, and travel.  

About Jean

Jean is the author of the culinary arts cookbook CONFIDENT in the KITCHEN, which is in its 3rd edition. She enjoys empowering her readers through detailed instruction and inspirational stories.   As we travel, our “food adventures” inspire new recipes.  Jean is also the founder of the non-profit Read a Book, Earn a Book. RBEB is a data-driven literacy program supporting children in our Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. 

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