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We are Mark and Jean, and this is where we share our travel adventures. Journeys are a narrative of the inspiration, maps and itineraries for our travels. Read more >> About Us

Journeys are a great place to begin planning your own explorations. We hope you enjoy!

Road to Mt. Cook

New Zealand

In two weeks, we depart on our next adventure – New Zealand! We are escaping to the southern hemisphere for three months to enjoy summer hiking while it is frigid at home.

Spring flowers and saints above Zermatt

The Swiss Trip (Summary)

Finally, we took the Swiss Trip! When I retired in March 2020, hiking in Switzerland was near the top of my bucket list, behind only Greece. Finally, we arrive in 2022!


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Recent Travel Bytes from our Journeys

The Journeys above include links to Travel Bytes, posts about the places and experiences from the Journey. With Travel Bytes, we share not only our favorite pictures, but a (little) bit of context about each place we highlight and the people we meet. These are “byte” sized vicarious getaways that you can enjoy in about 10 minutes or so. Travel Bytes are a great place to get inspired.

Glasgow Scotland. The clouds poured forth 10 minutes later

Running 2022


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