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We are Mark and Jean, and this is where we share our travel adventures. Journeys are a narrative of the inspiration, maps and itineraries for our travels. Read more >> About Us

Journeys are a great place to begin planning your own explorations. We hope you enjoy!

Birmingham 2021

Birmingham 2021

Birmingham?  As in Alabama?  Yes!

In early June, we’ll head to the Porsche Track Experience at Skip Barber Motorsports Park for a full day of track time with an instructor. 

Birmingham has been on our travel list for another reason as well:  US Civil Rights History.… Continue reading →



June 2021 Croatia – To be frank, I didn’t know much about Croatia at all a few months ago. Then my sister-in-law, Allie, mentioned Hvar, one thing led to another, and now we are going for an entire month! Credit wikipedia commons for that stunning Dubrovnik image by the way… we aren’t there yet ;-)… Continue reading →

USA Road Trip 2020
Jeep loaded and ready to go!

USA Road Trip 2020

In 2020, the pandemic played havoc with our plan to travel to Greece for a month. So, we adjusted our plan! We sold Jean’s car, bought a Jeep Wrangler, and set out to explore America the Beautiful.… Continue reading →

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The Journeys above include links to Travel Bytes, posts about the places and experiences from the Journey. With Travel Bytes, we share not only our favorite pictures, but a (little) bit of context about each place we highlight and the people we meet. These are “byte” sized vicarious getaways that you can enjoy in about 10 minutes or so. Travel Bytes are a great place to get inspired.


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This site is all about sharing our Journeys through Travel Bytes.

As the vaccine rollout accelerates and travel opens up again, we’ve ambitious travel plans for 2021.  Croatia, Greece, Egypt, and Jordan are planned, with more to follow.  “Mark and Jean Travel to…” was created to help us connect with friends and family around the world.
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Foodies, check out the food adventures from our travels on Confident in the Kitchen, Jean’s culinary arts site.

If you love great recipes, her cookbook, Confident in the Kitchen, has what you need. Jean’s unique approach to recipes shares what you need, what to do, and also the why for each step. Over the years, she has added a little something for everyone, whether you love cooking or baking, savory or sweet, comfort cuisine, or fashionable fair. And if you have a dietary restriction, such as gluten or dairy, you will find that too! All her recipes are tested and retested to perfection (as chief taste tester, I know and recommend!)