Travel Bytes

Travel Bytes


Travel Bytes are “byte” sized highlights from our Journeys. Each is a 10-minute virtual getaway with places, runs, hikes, food adventures, experiences, and even misadventures.

Travel Bytes are a great place to get inspired. We hope you enjoy!



We are taking a mid-point break in “The French Trip”, pausing for a week in Aix-en-Provence.    Provence offers so much, but we are savoring the relaxed time in our tiny apartment above Cours Mirabeau, the lovely pedestrian only center of Aix. Ahhh ..… Continue reading →

Running 2021

Running 2021

What a phenomenal year!  And yes, I am referring to 2021.  For the second time in my life, I “collected runs” from 52 different places in 52 consecutive weeks.  Not bad for a year that included 2 months of downtime for surgery and a host of COVID travel restrictions.… Continue reading →


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All of the Travel Bytes tie back to Journeys we have taken. The Journeys have a bit more narrative about the trip, often including our inspiration for the trip, a map, an itinerary, and how this trip relates to others. Journeys are a great place to begin planning your own explorations.

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Travel Bytes

About Us

This site is all about sharing our Journeys through Travel Bytes.

During my consulting career, I traveled nearly every week.  When it was an interesting destination, Jean often joined me. It whet our appetite to see and savor more of the world.

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Foodies, check out the food adventures from our travels on Confident in the Kitchen, Jean’s culinary arts site.

If you love great recipes, her cookbook, Confident in the Kitchen, has what you need. Jean’s unique approach to recipes shares what you need, what to do, and also the why for each step. Over the years, she has added a little something for everyone, whether you love cooking or baking, savory or sweet, comfort cuisine, or fashionable fair. And if you have a dietary restriction, such as gluten or dairy, you will find that too! All of her recipes are tested and retested to perfection (as chief taste tester, I know and recommend!)