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About Us

This site is all about sharing our Journeys through Travel Bytes.

We have long had an appetite to see and savor more of the world. So we decided to make it happen!  I retired in February 2020, and we laid plans. Our first Journey was a five-month USA Road Trip. 

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Foodies, check out the food adventures from our travels on Confident in the Kitchen, Jean’s site.

If you love great recipes, her cookbook, Confident in the Kitchen, has what you need. Jean’s unique approach to recipes shares what you need, what to do, and also the why for each step. Over the years, she has added a little something for everyone, whether you love cooking or baking, savory or sweet, comfort cuisine, or fashionable fair. And if you have a dietary restriction, such as gluten or dairy, you will find that too!

All of her recipes are tested and retested to perfection (as chief taste tester, I know and recommend!)