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June 15, 2022: Annecy. At first Annecy disappointed: it was hot, it was crowded.  Then, in a shady alley, we sat sat with locals and slipped our feet in the stream. Ah… 

“ …Then at the end of an hour you come to Annecy and rattle through its old crooked lanes, built solidly up with curious old houses that are a dream of the middle ages, and presently you come to the main object of your trip–Lake Annecy. It is a revelation, it is a miracle. It brings the tears to a body’s eyes it is so enchanting.”
― Mark Twain

High Expectations

I had high expectations for Annecy, situated as it is in the foothills of the alps, with clear waters and old canals supposedly reminiscent of Venice.   Our first impression was not so favorable.  Our AirBnB was dirty and located on a busy street.  Trinket and gelato shops where everywhere.  The “cool mountain air” was a roasty 90F. 

Grimly determined to explore, we trudged down hot back lanes.  Suddenly, we spied on a shady spot where locals sat with their feet dangling in the river.  We promptly joined them, and the world (and my attitude) righted.   

River Le Thiou entering Lake Annecy
Always follow the locals…
Feet in Le Thiou’s cool, clear, water
Canal-side in Annecy

Charming Lake

Everything here revolves the lake, one of the purest in Europe.  Swimmers, sailors, paddle boaters float on the water like lazy swans.  A bike path and public beaches circle the lake, dotted.  We used both, and the lake charmed us a bit more each day.

Lake View
Lake Shennanigans
Paddling in a clear canoe
Biking the lake path
Even the cows are happy

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  1. What a gem of a place when you followed the locals’ example of how to best enjoy it.

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