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September 21, Day 110: A cool and misty morning at our Hudson River Airbnb. Jean and I strolled through the yard with our coffee, enjoying the quiet.  Suddenly a loud SQUAWK shattered the peace. 

We turned to see ducks speeding upriver in tight formation, followed by a panicked and squawking crane.  The cause of the commotion was clear; a bald eagle was whirling and diving at the crane, breakfast on his mind.  Early morning excitement! I wish we had been faster with our cameras; we’ll blame the delay on too little coffee at that point.

Our historic Airbnb was built in 1780 and the owner, Mark, remodeled it over the last 13 years.  Originally a 300-acre farm, prior owners sold parcels over the decades. Today only these 4 acres on the river remain.  In the back yard, the old colonial road runs along the Hudson.  Here in 1775, Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold (an American hero at this time), and the Green Mountain Boys hauled the cannon captured from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston. They used the artillery to break the British Siege. Both battles were early victories in our American Revolution.

After a beautiful lazy day, we closed Day 110 overlooking the Hudson again, with fire and wine.

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  1. I absolutely loved going on this journey with you. The fall color was stunning, and the company all I could ever hope for. Every day with you is a gift.

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