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May 1, 2023: Charlotte, NC. Can I share a Proud Dad Moment with you? Our daughter JUST launched her fantastical line of unique wearable art, J. Athavich Design.  We are so excited!  Follow the link to check it out, and read on for more.

I like for jewelry to tell a story and to be able to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s more important to me than a name, brand, or label.
― Nikki Reed

Each piece is one of a kind, designed and handcrafted by Jessi.  Her concept art accompanies each piece, along with its story. And I have to say, her website photography is beautiful.

j. Athavich Design
Life in the Fishbowl with story and concept art
j. Athavich Design
Silence, Barred Owl Feather

Inspired by Nature

Jessi takes inspiration from nature for the Gallery series, her premier line.  Current pieces include fanciful hummingbirds, Asian coi, dewy webs and feathers.  If you are looking for a conversation piece to wear to the opera, jazz, derby party, cocktail hour or formal – look no further.  Jean wore “Strength V1” to an intimate non-profit gathering and had constant inquiries from the curious.  

Some of my favorite J. Athavich Design Gallery pieces are below.  Look at the detail on the hummingbird and the ripples in the water from the green darter’s feet.  Amazingly, it’s finished to this degree both front and back.

j. Athavich Design
A Moment in Flight V1
j. Athavich Design
Hummingbird Detail
j. Athavich Design
Tension, Green Darner on Water
j. Athavich Design
Green Darner Detail
j. Athavich Design
Strength V1
j. Athavich Design
Feather Detail

Inspired by Travel

Jessi’s World Travel series takes a bit of inspiration from MnJTravel2.  We always bring foreign coins home from our travels.  She has created pendants from these, suitable for men and women.  She customized one for me from an old Indian Head nickel that I’ve had since I was a kid; the pendant makes even me look good.

j. Athavich Design
The pendant looks good even if I’ve lost my NZ tan
j. Athavich Design
Back in Time 1

You can follow Jessi online as she launches her business. She will share new designs, techniques and more on Insta, Facebook , Twitter and email. I hope you will be inspired to follow her, subscribe and buy a piece to support her launch!!! 

Please check out J. Athavich Design for details.

j. Athavich Design
Proud of this girl!

Oh, and you might ask…

So more than a few friends have asked “Hey, I didn’t see any posts from your New Zealand Trip.  Did I drop off the list?” 

NO!  Jean and I enjoyed New Zealand so much that I was too busy (or perhaps just too lazy) to post.  From January through March, we hiked peaks and coastlines, climbed glaciers, cruised the sounds, soaked in natural hot springs, swam golden beaches, rode out earthquakes and typhoons, and spied kiwi, dolphins, seals, sea lions, penguins and tuis. Of course we drank marvelous wines from Marlborough, Martinborough, and Gibbston Valley. And I added 15 new cities to my run collection

Since we’ve returned, we’ve been nearly as busy – taxes, non-profit events, helping Jessi with her business launch, preparing for the next phase of Dane’s house renovation, and reconnecting with local friends.  And, of course, planning the rest of 2023… Central Europe, Croatia, the South of France, Japan and Southeast Asia! 

I will post more on NZ and the plans for the rest of 2023 to be posted in the coming weeks 🙂

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