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USA Road Trip 2020

August 9, Day 69: My goal this morning – run to and from Evel Knievel’s jump site!  An early start provided beautiful sunrise views of the Snake River Canyon on the way. 

The day prior, we had visited Shoshone Park east of Twin Falls, Idaho.  To my surprise, I learned that the launch site for Evel Knievel’s 1974 Snake River Canyon Jump was very near the park.  He was a childhood hero of mine, so we walked the two miles to the site.  I discovered that our path continued west past the site, and back into town. Checking the map, I realized it started near our hotel. 

This morning I ran that path, and was amazed by the sunrise views.

The Run from Evel

Evel’s jump was unsuccessful.  His parachute deployed midway across, and the wind carried him back to the bank of the river below the launch ramp.  He was lucky (as he often was).  His seatbelt refused to release; he would have drowned had he landed in the water.  Instead, he broke his nose, and built his legend as a daredevil. And inspired six-year-olds everywhere (like me) to build bike ramps to jump in our backyards.

I turned and began the run back to the hotel. The total distance clocked in at about 8 miles. I was a little footsore after, but thoroughly enjoyed the run on the Canyon Rim. 

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