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The British Trip

Aug 25, 2022: Broadway, England. I managed a few solitary Broadway runs, through steeples, stiles, sheep and rain. It was fantastic, despite the sop and stinging nettle.

For me, running is a lifestyle and an art. I’m far more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics.
― Lorraine Moller

Adding Broadway to the Collection

I added the Broadway runs to my Collection for 2022, slipping out on mornings between our long rambles to Chipping Campden and Snowshill. When Jean was experimenting with a new local dish in the kitchen, I’d slip out, knowing a great meal would be waiting on my return.

There is nothing like a solitary run to discover a new place. The miles melt as you round each corner and climb each hill to see what lies beyond. There aren’t many paved paths, so one damp morning, I diverted at the church into a sheep pasture. I think they were a little surprised to see me, with most turning their backs and briskly trotting way. It’s humbling to be outrun by fat little sheep, I have to say.

Grey and Green morning
Grey and Green Morning

Beyond the sheep, I found a muddy path through the woods that I’d spotted on a map. After crashing through the brush for a half mile, I realized that the plants crowding the trail were wicked stinging nettle. I’d been brushing them aside with my left forearm, which was now burning and red. I begrudgingly (and carefully) retreated.

Broadway Run
Stiles and Steeples
There be nettles
There be nettles

A Little Sunshine

Subsequent Broadway runs were a bit brighter, with great views of the local golden sandstone architecture and vibrant summer hues. The horses I encountered were less skittish than the sheep. With their size and speed, my slow gait was beneath their dignity to acknowledge. They were, at least, easier to photograph. 😉

Broadway Village
Broadway Village
Cotswold Flowers
Sunny Day
Cotswold Steamer
Cotswold Steamer
Franz and Wilhemena

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  1. I hope to make it there one day, but more likely to amble than run through those glorious fields and picturesque villages, as I don’t have your stamina!

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