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July 31, 2023: Baška Voda is stunning, with hyper-saturated blue skies and water, and the Biokovo Massif looming overhead.  Do we maybe have a new second favorite place?

To be anonymous and traveling in an interesting place is an intoxication.

Paul Theroux

I don’t know how we missed Brela on our first Croatia trip, as we drove down the Dalmatian Coast enroute to Dubrovnik.  When friends Rob and Carol enthused about the area one night over dinner in Charlotte, we decided to add it to our 2023 itinerary. 

Excellent recommendation, thanks guys!

Biokovo Massif high above St. Nicholas Church
Biokovo Massif high above St. Nicholas Church

Surprisingly Scenic Drive

We started our four-hour drive from Rovinj about noon, taking the expressway instead of the slower coastal route we’d driven in 2021.  To our surprise, the scenery from the highway was beautiful, and most of the landscape much greener than expected. 

A beautiful if long drive
A beautiful (if long) drive
The Biokovo Massif ahead
The Biokovo Massif ahead

Baška Voda

We arrived on a Monday to find the beach packed with Croats, Germans, Poles, Czechs and Slovenes who had driven to the beach for a summer getaway.  We snapped a few photos of the masses and slipped into a shady restaurant for dinner.

The next morning was a different story.  Jean and a few other early birds had the beach to themselves, and I had full run of the three-mile pedestrian sea promenade.

Baška Voda Seaside Promenade
Baška Voda Seaside Promenade
The Sign
A long way fro Waikiki, but I like this sign!


As the day warmed up, the Baška Voda beaches filled quickly, but I found that Brela, just north along the promenade, was much less crowded and the water even clearer, if that were possible.  We found ourselves wandering up to Brela each morning, for a bit more quiet as the beach crowds swelled to the south.  There were lovely hotels and bars right above the sea.  On our next visit, we’ll stay at this quieter end of the beach.

Shady Cafe Bar Luca
Shady Cafe Bar Luca at the quiet end of the Beach

A new Second Favorite?

With the clear blue waters and dramatic Biokovo massif above, we wondered if we’d found a new second favorite place.  Maybe… our next destination is a return to Bol, so we’ll see soon!

Blue on Blue on Blue
Blue on Blue on Blue… we will stay here next time!

More Bytes from The Central Europe Trip

The Dragon Cave

Centuries ago, monks carved the fantastical Dragon Cave reliefs high above the sea as they hid in from pirates and invading Turks.

Summer in Bol

We have seen some beautiful places in our travels, but we come back to summer in Bol again and again. It remains our second favorite place!

Return to Rovinj

Our final return to Rovinj provided happy reminiscing, with one cold shadow of a memory.


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