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August 7, 2023: We have seen some beautiful places in our travels, but we come back to summer in Bol again and again. It remains our second favorite place!

I think the Adriatic is good for us…

Jean Miller

We disembarked our Split-to-Bol ferry and walked perhaps 50 yards.  Suddenly, a wild-haired, shirtless man jumped up from the table where he was enjoying a beer with friends and began waving and shouting as he walked towards us.  I was non-plussed, until I heard Jean say in reply “Pierro!” 

Then I recognized him as well.

Back in Bol
Back in Bol


For the past three years, Jean has visited the Bol Ribarnica (fish market) almost daily during our stays.  Pierro, the fishmonger, recognized her immediately when she stepped off the ferry, and happily introduced us to his friends at the table.  We had a similar response at the farmer’s market from Carla, and my favorite bakery from Besa. 

Relationships here are important.  Locals and repeat visitors choose a vendor at the market, or a shop, and remain loyal.  And loyal customers get preference… a little better produce, maybe a little discount or extra.  We often reciprocate with a little gift… some fresh bread Jean has baked, or a little packet of tea.  And friendships are born, even across linguistic hurdles.

Pierro and Stapo 2022
Pierro and Stapo in 2022
Stapo and Pierro, Jean's favorite Fishmen!
Jean’s favorite Fishmen again in 2023
... with Food! (Bol)
Hello Besa!
Plavac Mali
Gift from a friend’s vineyard

Summer in Bol

While most of our time is run, swim, grill and chill, there is much more to do here. 

Bol is all about the pebbly, rocky beaches, stretching for over 2 miles through the harbor and old town.  The western half is a shaded pedestrian promenade.  Along the way you’ll find great little restaurants, beach café bars, and gelato.  While there are big resorts and an all-night club at the far end, the area is more family oriented, and mostly quiet at night. 

In the old town an open-air movie theater overlooks the Adriatic.  We watched Indiana Jones and Oppenheimer just after the sun set on the waters beyond the screen.  Barbie was sold out! 

Open Air Movies over the Adriatic
Open Air Movies over the Adriatic

On Wednesday nights live music and food carts create a party in the town square.  Tuesday was the procession from monastery to church and back to celebrate the Assumption Feast.  And great Dalmatian restaurants with soft live music line the waterfront.

Harbor at Night
Late Sunset at Bol Harbor
Wednesday Nights in Bol
Wednesday Nights in Bol
Rockin' the Night Away
Rockin’ the Night Away
Harbor Promenade
Harbor Promenade at Night

There are also a few challenging hikes nearby… Vidova Gora at 2500’ hovers behind the city.  There is also the Dragon Cave, where monks carved fantastic sculptures in a cave high above the coast as they hid from pirates and the Ottoman Turks.   

The Dragon Cave Hike
The Dragon Cave Hike

But mostly… summer in Bol about living semi-local.  So Baška Voda, Rovinj, and Hvar are all wonderful, but beautiful Bol keeps the crown as our Second Favorite Place.

From the Street Art Festival
From the Street Art Festival
Our usual morning beach
Our usual morning beach
Beach and Monastery
Beach and Monastery
Coffee or Wine?
Coffee or Wine?

More Bytes from The Central Europe Trip

The Dragon Cave

Centuries ago, monks carved the fantastical Dragon Cave reliefs high above the sea as they hid in from pirates and invading Turks.

Baška Voda

Baška Voda is stunning, with hyper-saturated blue skies and water, and the Biokovo Massif looming overhead.  Do we maybe have a new second favorite place?

Return to Rovinj

Our final return to Rovinj provided happy reminiscing, with one cold shadow of a memory.


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