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September 26, Day 115: A Stonington Food Adventure means fresh, Maine lobster. Oh my!

Jean and I relaxed for a few days in Stonington, Maine, the lobster capital of the USA.  Of course we had to have a big bug, fresh from the trap.  At 3½ pounds, he was intimidating. It would turn on the counter, massive claws raised, facing off with us. We managed to get it into a paper bag and into the freezer, where we left him for a few hours until time for dinner. This induces a coma in the lobster, which we felt a humane thing to do. Finally, boiled in an enormous lobster pot and cracked. And it was hard work; I bent the steel lobster “cracker tool” trying to break open those giant claws! In the end though, it made a delicious topping to our béchamel pasta.

The mussels and clams were local and excellent as well. We learned (through experience and a good bit of research on Jean’s part) about the importance of allowing the mollusks to “purge” in saltwater. It is amazing the amount of sand and grit they expel if left to their own devices in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Our first dish we didn’t know, so all that ended up in our bowls. Not good for the teeth!

Seafood heaven.

For the story, check out Jean’s write-up on Confident in the Kitchen

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