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Still Number Two in ’22

Aug 12, 2022: Bol, Croatia. Friends were visiting Bol and they “What is the best restaurant in Bol?”  The answer, of course, is Konoba Miller – our patio! 

You know, I’ll tell you honestly: if you like food and you haven’t come here to eat, you’re really missing the ******* boat.  This is world-class food; this is world-class wine; this is world-class cheese. The next big thing is Croatia.
― Anthony Bourdain

Uh, Restaurants?

When our visitors asked, I was (a little) embarrassed.  I apologized and mumbled the names of a few restaurants that looked good.  The truth is… we’ve eaten out only once during our three-week stay.  Gelato and pastries aside, of course – those don’t count!

So what gives?  I’ll tell you:  the grills, the fishmonger, the butcher, and the farmer’s market. 

Konoba Miller
Mark at the Grill…
Konoba Miller
…and Jean, a bit more calmly

Dalmatian Diet

In Dalmatia (southern coastal Croatia), Konoba means “restaurant”.  They serve a Mediterranean diet with simple, local and fresh food.  Staples include grilled fish, meats, potatoes, and garden vegetables.  We follow suit. 

Grilled Veg
Red peppers and shrooms
Grilled Veg
Potatoes and zukes
Dorado on the Grill!
Dorado on the Grill!
Yummy Apps
Toast with Ajvar

Konoba Miller

Each morning after coffee, Jean and I walk ½ mile to see Pietro, the fish monger, and to collect fresh-caught dorado, mussels, calamari, sardines or turbo.  He laughs, jokes, and quickly cleans our prize while we wait.  Next, we amble on around the corner to see Karla and Mirko at the farmer’s market for peppers, onions, leeks, and such.  On the way home, we pick-up a local Plavac Mali or Pošip wine.

Then it’s home to fire up a grill, and soon we are eating seaside on our patio. 

Ugly Fish
An ugly fish…
Ugly Fish
…makes a beautiful plate

Ok, some variety is good.  Sometimes we visit the friendly butcher for lamb, veal or pork.  Or Jean will make fresh bread.  Or paella made with stock from yesterday’s fish.  And again, dining seaside!

Improvised Oven
Bread “under the bell”
Paella with Calamari
Paella with Calamari

So, why go out to eat when we have Konoba Miller, with the best chef (Jean) and best view in town?   It is without a doubt, the best restaurant in Bol!

Konoba Miller
Konoba Miller

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  1. Loved this post. Cooking at home (wherever you are) is the best! You of course have perfected it!

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