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August 12, 2022: London. And we’re off again – The British Trip starts today!  History and hiking are on the agenda this fall through England, Wales, and Scotland.

Where are we going?

The United Kingdom, or Britain, or England?  Often the terms are used interchangeably, but they are not the same.  If you are confused (as I was), this short video (produced pre-Brexit) is an amusing clarification of terms. Our trip will focus on Britain – the large island comprised of England, Wales, and Scotland.

We did a brief visit last fall, through Bath, Bristol, Winchester, Oxford, and Cambridge (thus the pictures!) Our appetites whet, we decided to return this fall for a extended trip.

The British Trip
St. Paul’s London over the Millennium Bridge


While London often gets the attention, and Edinburgh to a lesser extent, we will spend most of our time in the “green and pleasant land” beyond the cities.  There are some fantastic “rambling” (as they say in the UK) locations in Britain.  Our plan includes Surry, the Cotswolds, Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia, the Peak District, Lakes Districts, Isle of Skye, the Scottish Highlands, and the Cairngorms.

Britain still has the most reliably beautiful countryside of anywhere in the world.
― Bill Bryson

The British Trip
A taste of pies…
The British Trip
…and of pints


Britain has a fascinating history.  Looking back in time: Churchill’s Bunker from WW2, Royal Palaces in England and Scotland, the Protestant reformation started by Henry VIII, the Magna Carta, Canterbury Tales, the 1066 Battle of Hastings (Norman Invasion), the Roman fortifications at Hadrian’s Wall, and ancient standing stones like Stonehenge.  And we won’t even need a translator for this trip!

The British Trip
A brand-new Banksy
The British Trip
The British Trip
Oxford Autumn

Journey Map

For about 60 days, we will road-trip counter-clockwise around the isle.  The map below shows our planned route and the itinerary details.  I hope to post a few “Travel Bytes” along the way, and will update this page post-trip with highlights.


If you are interested in a similar trip, the attached PDF itinerary is an excellent place to start, with sites, links to information, and some hotel recommendations.

Travel Bytes

For more about this journey, check out our related Travel Bytes below!

Catbells and Derwentwater
Catbells and Derwentwater from Maiden Moor

The Catbells


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