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Running Around the World:  I love to run through new cities as we travel, exploring and getting the lay of each place.  Typically, I track my route map on the Nike Run app and take photos to save the memories as I “collect” runs from new places.  I share my favorite runs from around the world here!

Getting on Track

I’ve never been a terribly good runner. But, in high school, I ran the 2-mile race a few times. Why? No one else would, and I could often medal just by finishing a race, even walking! Fast forward to my 30’s, and I ran the 1999 Chicago Marathon with friends. I felt good, started too fast, and as a result, missed my goal time of 4 hours by about 15 minutes.

Running Around the World
Ready to run…
Running Around the World
… almost there…
Running Around the World
… and the proof!

In my 40’s, after years away from running, I got serious fitness and started running started again. I dropped about 30 pounds, and as I traveled about North America each week for work, I’d always bring the shoes along. Now in my 50’s that habit continues on our journeys.

Running Around the World
The Guys… Max Fermanov and Sven Loberg
Running Around the World
The hardware… Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon 2016

Starting the Collection

I began my “run collection” in July 2015. I worked for Accenture, and consulting projects took us from Australia to Amsterdam and all-over North America. During a 52 consecutive week period, I ran 52 cities in seven countries and on four continents! It was a hectic 12 months, but a fantastic experience. I was fortunate to repeat that “52 in 52” accomplishment in 2021 as Jean and I traveled in Europe and the Mediterranean. With vaccines, masks, common sense, and luck, we were able to outrun COVID as well.

Sydney under the Harbor Bridge in 2015
Running Around the World
Bol Promenade in 2021

What’s next? Stay tuned. I’ll post the best runs here!

Runs from Around the World

Marlborough Vineyards near Renwick

Running New Zealand

New Zealand made for some fabulous runs. From city sights, to beach bliss to hard hills, there was a little of everything. Read on for the highlights!

Glasgow Scotland. The clouds poured forth 10 minutes later

Running 2022

Running 2022 was a good year, if not great. The good included incredibly beautiful runs through 31cities in 10 countries. But Brussels knocked me off my only goal for the year.

Rain, sheep, and steeples

The Broadway Runs

I managed a few solitary Broadway runs, through steeples, stiles, sheep and rain. It was fantastic, despite the sop and stinging nettle.


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